CCS Flat Fielding Spectrally Tunable Sources

TruLume Tunable Camera Calibration Sources are innovative light metrology sources that let Smartphone OEMs and their Camera Module suppliers help each other to create the next generation of image interactive products.

The tunable source simplifies and enhances production testing of camera modules by eliminating multiple steps in the image quality correction process, with a choice of uniform standard illuminants and colors from one compact and robust source.


Auto white balance
Quantum efficiency
Vignetting correction
Spatial non uniformity
Pixel defects
Channel cross talk
Color correct Imaging Colorimeters


High uniformity prevents over correction
One instrument, multiple spectrums save time and space
High luminance and color stability provides reliable results
Extended VIS-NIR spectrums monitor color and NIR correction
Large area port in a compact and robust instrument ideal for production and R&D
DC drivers deduce low frequency noise common to PWM
Improve color consistency of heads up displays (HUDs)
Improve color reproducibility of HUDs
Improve color consistency of displays
Improve display performance by color correctin imaging test equipment

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