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LED Sockets

  • Quick Connection
  • Easy Loading
  • Repeatable Alignment
  • Detachable 3 m Cable
  • Banana Plug Termination
  • Compatible with Labsphere Light and LED Measurement Systems

  • Repeatable Alignment for LED Characterization

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Labsphere’s LS LED Sockets are designed to use with Labsphere’s Light and LED Measurement Spheres and Systems.

Labsphere LS LED Sockets ensure precise LED alignment, allowing users to easily perform accurate, repeatable measurements of a variety of LEDs. Five LED socket options help you to quickly characterize your LED for spectral flux, lumens, color and intensity. Simply load the LED measurement socket with your LED, insert the LED measurement socket into the measurement head and execute the measurement.

Designed for ease of use and speed, the LED sockets can be used with any of Labsphere’s Light Measurement and LED Measurement Integrating Spheres and Systems.

The LED sockets come with a quick connect detachable three-meter cable. The detachable cable terminates with banana connectors for use with any precision power supply or LED driver.

Enhance the flexibility of your Labsphere Light Measurement System or create your own LED measurement fixture by choosing from a variety of modular spheres, components and spectrometers with comprehensive application software.


Model Number   Part Number  
LS-K2   AS-02683-000 LS-K2
LS-Hex Star AS-02683-001 LS-Hex Star
LS-T 1 3/4   AS-02683-002 LS-T 1 3/4
LS-Ostar AS-02683-003 LS-Ostar
LS-Dragon   AS-02683-004 LS-Dragon
Optional Accessory Part Number  
PA-200-LS LED Socket Port Adaptor AS-02687-016  



LS-K2 LED Measurement Socket
Designed to hold the Philips Lumiled Luxeon® K2 High Brightness LED


LS-Ostar LED Measurement Socket
Designed to hold the Osram OSTAR®-Lighting High Brightness LED


LS-T 1 3/4 LED Measurement Socket
Designed to hold the T1-3/4 package High Brightness LED


LS-Hex Star Luxeon LED Measurement Socket 

Designed to hold the Philips Lumiled Luxeon V Star, Luxeon III Stars, Luxeon Stars High Brightness


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