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  • CCD-Spectrometer Based Test Stations
  • Intensity Heads for ILEDA and ILEDB
  • Constant Current Power
  • Source Optimized for LEDs
  • Optional Integrating Spheres in Sizes from 6 to 76 inches
  • A Variety of Test Sockets and Holders Available
  • Application Software and DLL's
  • High Sensitivity Spectrometer
  • Spectral Range Covering 360 to 1000 nm or 300 to 800 nm
  • 1.5 nm Spectral Resolution
  • 0.5 nm Wavelength Accuracy
  • Interchangeable Neutral Density Filters to Regulate Dynamic Range
  • NIST Traceable Calibrated Lamp
  • Built-in Self-Calibration Function
  • USB 2.0 Computer Connection
  • Exchangeable Measurement Heads and Integrating Spheres
  • Meets Design Requirements of CIE 127 for LED Measurement


  • Total Luminous Flux (lumens and lumens/nm)
  • Total Spectral Flux (integrated Watts and Watts/nm)
  • Averaged Luminous Intensity (lumens/sr and lumens/sr-nm)
  • Averaged Spectral Radiant
  • Intensity (Watts/sr and Watts/sr-nm)
  • Dominant Wavelength
  • Peak Wavelength
  • Center Wavelength
  • Centroid Wavelength
  • Full Width / Half Max (FWHM)
  • Spectral Purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Chromaticity Coordinates (x, y, u', v')
  • LED Output vs Time
  • L-I-V Characterization Curves*

The LCS-100 is designed with measurement accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-use in mind. Labsphere provides high performance-to-price ratio along with exceptional quality to meet the measurement challenges of today's LED users and manufacturers.

Our LCS-100 is the foundation of our LED measurement solutions product line. At the heart of the test station is a fast scanning 16 bit, 2048 element CCD spectrometer configured to cover the 360 to 1000 nm wavelength range. Simply by adding any of our LCS series integrating spheres, ILEDA or ILEDB adapters or our power supply you can achieve any geometry required for measuring the optical, spectral, color and purity characteristics of LEDs, lamps, and large light sources.

LCS-100 Datasheet Download

LCS-100-G Datasheet Download

LCS-100 Base Station

Multi-color Single LEDs

The LCS-100 base station consists of a CCD spectrometer, a 2 inch integrating sphere assembly, installed calibration lamp with power source, filter holder with a calibrated neutral density filter set and powerful operating software. A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) utility adds to the functionality of the software by allowing user-based programming interface. The system easily connects to either desktop or laptop computers via a USB connector.

The station's 2-inch diameter integrating sphere is coated with Spectraflect® Diffuse White Reflectance Coating which provides a 98% reflectance surface over the wavelength region from 400 to 1000 nm. The sphere interior provides high reflectance and near perfect Lambertian properties.

The integrating sphere features an internal calibration lamp calibrated for spectral flux which allows for simple in-house calibration and re-calibration of the system. Replacement calibration lamps are available and easily installed by the user. The filter holder assembly is designed for easy interchange of neutral density filters to increase the dynamic range of the system for measurement of very bright or high power LEDs. The sphere geometry is designed according to CIE recommendations for LED measurement.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Software

Easy-to-Use Software

The system's Windows XP® compatible software is intuitive and guides the user through all measurement procedures. The software includes automatic routines to simplify measurements and ensure accuracy. Results can be downloaded to database programs such as MS Excel®, Word® or Access®.


  • Convenient, Menu Driven Operation
  • Displays Measured Data in Real-Time
  • Displays Current and Voltage Settings on Screen
  • Calculates and Displays Center Wavelength, FWHM, Centroid and Purity
  • Displays LED, Lamp Standard and Auxiliary Lamp Parameters
  • Easily Enter LED and Lamp Information for Test Identification
  • Print Function Automatically Generates Data and Test Reports
  • Export Data Easily for QC and Statistical Analysis
  • Tracks Calibration Lamp Hours

Measurement Flexibility with Integrating Sphere Options

The LCS Base Station readily adapts to integrating spheres ranging in size from 6 inches to 76 inches with specially designed mounting hardware. This allows for measurement of a wide variety of types and sizes of LED light sources and assemblies.


Measurement Heads
Measure luminous intensity, spectral intensity and colorimetric information.

The LCS-100 conveniently accepts both our ILEDA and ILEDB measurement heads with a built-in slide support fixture that securely holds the adapters. The LCS-100-A adapter provides the 31.6 cm (0.001 sr) CIE compliant measurements and the LCS-100-B provides the 10 cm (0.01sr) CIE compliant measurement of luminous intensity, spectral intensity and all derived colorimetric information.

LCS-100 Ordering Information and Specifications

Model Number Description
LCS-100 Base Station includes: Spectrograph 360 to 1000 nm with 2 inch Spectraflect sphere,
10 W calibration lamp and power source, set of three calibrated neutral density filters and operating software.

Optional Components Description
LCS-100-A LCS Intensity Adapter for CIE Condition A geometry, with holder bracket attachment
LCS-100-B LCS Intensity Adapter for CIE Condition B geometry, with holder bracket attachment

Optional Accessories Description
LCS-100-CASE Storage case - airtight, dust proof case with carrying handle

Replacement Parts Description
LCS-100-NDFS Neutral Density Filters, Calibrated Set of 3
includes: ND0 Filter; ND1 (10x reduction); ND2 (100x reduction)

LCS-10010W Spectral Flux Calibration Lamp – 360 to 1000 nm, 10 Watt
LCS-100-20W Spectral Flux Calibration Lamp – 360 to 1000 nm, 20 Watt

LCS Condition A
LCS Condition B

System Performance Specifications
System Model LCS-100 w/ condition B w/ condition A

Sphere Size:  2 inch 
Sphere Interior Coating:  Spectraflect®
Max Incandescent Wattage:  12.5 W 
Max Number of Data Points:  3000
Max Length of Test:  8000 hrs.
Photometric Range: (Illuminant A)  0.001 - 150 lm 0.1 - 15000 cd 
Red LED Range: (626 nm)  0.001 - 120 lm 0.1 - 12000 cd 
Green LED Range: (530 nm)  0.001 - 200 lm 0.1 - 20000 cd 
Blue LED Range: (530 nm)  0.001 - 50 lm 0.1 - 5000 cd 
White LED Range: (6500 K)  0.001 - 400 lm 0.1 - 40000 cd 
UV LED Range: (360 to 400 nm)  0.01 - 2,000 mW 

CCD Spectrograph Specifications Calibration Lamp Specifications

Detector: 2048 element CCD array Model:  LCS -100-10W
Spectral Range Sensitivity:  360 to 1000 nm 
Calibration:  360 to 1000 nm 
Calibration Range:  360 to 1000 nm 
Power:  10 watt
Spectral Resolution:  1.5 nm 
Luminous Flux:  ~ 60 lumens
Wavelength Accuracy:  0.5 nm 
Calibration Life:  50 hours (1000 calibrations)
Sample Spectral Interval:  1.0 nm
F/# Length:  3
Stray Light:  .05% @ 600 nm
A/D Resolution:  16 bits
Exposure Time:  1 ms to 2000 ms
Fiber Connector:  SMA
Computer Interface: USB  2

Accessories for the LCS-100 Characterization System

Standard Test Sockets Description

A selection of test sockets is available to ensure precise LED alignment allowing for easy, accurate and repeatable measurements. The selection includes standard and TE cooled designs for T1 or T1 3/4 type LEDs, Lumileds Luxeon emitters, Piranha style emitters, TopLED, SnapLED, Cree Xlamp XR series and Osram Dragon series emitters. Custom socket design is available.

  • LCS-100-SK-T1 for T1 or T1 3/4 type LEDs
  • LCS-100-SK-P for Piranha style emitters
  • LCS-100-SK-TL for Agilent TopLED emitters
  • LCS-100-SK-D for Osram Dragon emitters


We offer the Keithley 2400 Series Power Supplies for optimum operation of the LCS Characterization Systems. Our sales engineers can assist you in choosing the right model for your application.

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