Flashlight Performance Test System

Flashlight Performance Test System
Flashlight Performance Test System Video

Designed specifically for the portable light industry, the system evaluates lamp efficiency for development and manfacture of LED, tungsten, xenon and krypton portable lighting assemblies.

Facilitate accurate spectroradiometric, photometric and colorimetric characterization meeting ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard requirements for run time and light output measurements.

Turnkey system includes Labsphere’s fast and accurate mini spectrometer, flashlight measurement integrating sphere spectrometer, lamp standard spectral flux, absorption correction lamp and switch box for directing electrical current to either the lamp standard or auxiliary absorption correction using the same lamp power supply.

Measure (using included FPT software)

  • Total Luminous Flux (lumens)
  • Total Forward Spectral Flux (watts/nm)
  • Total Radiant Flux (watts)
  • Color (CCT)
  • Lamp Performance vs Time
  • Peak and Dominant Wavelength
  • Spectral Purity
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Chromaticity Coordinates
  • Half-Bandwidth, Run Time

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