Remote Sensing Workshops

Remote Sensing Workshops
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From this hands-on seminar, you will learn

  • Basics of Radiometry from UV to LWIR (0.3-14um)
  • How to define your Electro-Optical testing for broadband and radiometric needs
  • See and Try state-of-the-art methods for characterization and testing of imaging and non-imaging systems
  • How to traceably calibrate in the VIS to LWIR spectral range
  • How to analyze and interpret your test results
  • How to set-up your lab to be NIST traceable


After attending this seminar, your business will be able to:

  • Plan for current and future Electro-Optical test needs & define repeatable and reliable testing and test equipment.
  • Increase profit by reducing calibration time and man hours in your lab
  • Define test and calibration capabilities spanning VIS and LWIR spectral range
  • Get absolute performance from your instruments
  • Get products to market faster than your competitors

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All Workshops are 9am - 4pm and include Lunch Buffet

Registration Fee $75

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