In-house Assets that Work for You at Every Stage


Consultive Approach

  • Understanding your problem, objective, and priorities first

Knowledge Leadership in Radiometric Systems, and Applications and Design

  • Optical, Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Materials, Systems Design, and Materials Engineers and Scientists

Customer Centric Iterative Design Process

  • MAHD – Modified Agile for Hardware Development, LiquidPlanner, and SOWs for tracking commitments to excellence

Design Tools

Software Design

  • C#, C++, LabVIEW, Python, and HTML

Mechanical Design

  • SolidWorks, PDM, Simulation of Thermal (CFD) and Flow (CFD), and Stress (FEA)

Optical/Systems Modeling

  • Zemax, TracePro, and MATLAB

Prototyping and Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

  • Extensive development tools and expertise, In-house machining, and multiple 3D printers

Advanced In-house Materials Processing

  • Vacuum ovens, clean room, coatings and materials laboratories, and processing and services

Validation and Test

  • Optical comparator, four calibration laboratories, and 4 and 5-axis machining

Support and Sustain


  • Dedicated OEM account managers and internal teams, 40 plus international dealers or representatives, and direct employees in industrious regions of the world.


  • In-house capabilities, established supply chains, and OEM and production volume layouts to accommodate low to high volume (>20,000 units/yr.)