Medical & Lifescience

Labsphere’s advanced technologies in NIST traceable diffuse reflectance materials, light measurement and image sensor characterization, developed over the past 35+ years, have brought value to the medical and life science industries.

Improve Accuracy & Reliability

We have a proven track record of offering stable and NIST-traceable solutions to our medical and life sciences customers.

  • Automated imaging system calibration to improve accuracy and reliability of in vitro diagnostic testing for medical and veterinary applications.
  • NIST traceable measurement of light sources used in surgical navigation and ophthalmologic instruments.
  • Accurate and reliable production calibration of LED-based and NIRS patient monitoring devices.

Decades of Interdisciplinary Experience

Our decades of interdisciplinary experience in many markets enable us to provide a portfolio of design, technologies and manufacturing capabilities suitable for your specific application.  Our NIST traceability, reflectance materials and light metrology solutions offer superior specifications and stability for the most demanding applications.


Custom Solutions that Meet Your Needs...and Your Time Frame

Labsphere has created thousands of customized solutions, tailored to the specific and often proprietary needs of our customers.  Our expert team of Scientists and Engineers continue to advance our nearly 40 years of experience in dozens of industries – and our Operations team quickly turns these into finished product through our internal prototype shop and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Contact Labsphere with your specialized needs today.