We measure, create, and reflect LIGHT to advance the future, enabling people and businesses to work better.
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Our products are already certified to the highest standards so our customers don’t need to prove to auditors that their equipment meets regulatory requirements. Our name is proof enough.

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Customized Solutions

We are expert radiometric and photometric problem solvers offering world class manufacturing and material development capabilities. Labsphere has the flexibility to meet your specific application needs.

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Exciting News from Labsphere and International Light Technologies.

Our companies have combined

We are excited to announce that International Light Technologies, Inc., is merging with Labsphere, Inc., creating the industry’s most comprehensive spectral source and light measurement provider.

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New solutions for our customers

This strategic alignment brings together over 90 years of combined expertise, fortifying their position as industry leaders in illuminant sources, measurement equipment, calibration capabilities, and reflectance materials.

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Labsphere is proud to be part of the Halma plc group of companies…

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