Responsive Manufacturing

We do it all at our own facilities.

Labsphere is your single source supplier for rapid product development and delivery, enabled by in-house engineering, manufacturing, calibration, and testing. Our broad range of disciplines, cutting-edge tools, flexible manufacturing layout, and well-managed supply chain allows us to deliver the products you need whether one-off customs or high volume OEM.

Having on-site capabilities allows us to quickly customize and make changes, keep control over our IP and our customers’ IP, and streamline the workflow and costs.

On-Site Coatings & Materials

Our advanced materials processing includes in-house vacuum ovens, clean room, and coatings development and services with dedicated machine shops.

On-Site Machining & Assembly

Our robust and clean designs are completed in-house, allowing engineers and production workers to work as one team delivering your products.

OEM & Large Volume Work Cells

Our lean and dedicated OEM work cells produce high quality products with tight lot-to-lot process repeatability. Fast turns from prototype to production readiness ensures you get to market faster with your products.

Custom Solutions

Challenging problems require innovative solutions. Labsphere has created thousands of customized solutions, tailored to the specific and often proprietary radiometry and photometry needs of our customers.  Our expert team of Scientists, Engineers, and Manufacturing Professionals continue to advance our 40+ years of experience in dozens of industries. We can quickly turn this expertise into finished product through our internal prototype shop and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Contact Labsphere with your specialized needs today.

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