A New Breakthrough Vicarious Calibration Network by Labsphere

With our innovative and world-class calibration service, we have the ability to solve problems that have never been solved before by making the complex, simple.

Enabling CEOS Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Protocols

  • Radiometry: Calibration and atmosphere correction
  • Geometry: Register image to the plane
  • Metadata: Provide the user with the vital set of information about your sensor optical performance so they can immediately begin using your platform for insights
  • Framing: Reduce image to what customer needs

Enabling Image and Data Harmonization

  • Harmonizing data across sensors: 100’s in a constellation
  • Harmonizing across industry: Big sat/small sat
  • Harmonizing data with software: Extracting more information value
  • Harmonizing across technology: Satellite and Airborne

Calibration from Space has always been complicated, expensive and deemed to be out of reach for many businesses.

Here Are Some of the Current Issues with Calibration:

  • Maintaining Calibration Team ($$$s)
  • Maintaining Image Processing Team (IPT)
  • Mis-matched Radiometry (Big Sat)
  • There is no Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Standard

Calibration from Space is “Tricky and Expensive”

  • Infrequent – Low number of instrumented sites
  • Expensive – National agencies and high cost assets needed
  • Uncertain – Inconsistency of methods and within constellations

Current Methods Are Not ideal

  • Large area targets require a managed radiometric model over time difficult to maintain co-registration across all imaging platforms
  • No single method for airborne to space calibration convergence Image
  • Image quality not addressed with normal terrestrial targets
  • Interpreted sensor performance data

How FLARE Makes the Difference

FLARE provides static and mobile reference sites available to subscribers at a fraction of the cost of conventional calibration methods.

Our data package, combined with customers’ images, provide unprecedented levels of validation information.

We offer world-class, on-demand, cross-platform accuracy that solves problems faster and easier than ever before.

Our method has potential to far exceed the the highest levels of accuracy in calibration today.