Permaflect® Targets: Rigid, Lidar, Commercial

Permaflect Targets
Permaflect® Targets: Rigid, Lidar, Commercial Video

Uniform Spectral Response and Durable

Spectral imaging and Lidar sensing systems require greyscale reference reflectance targets to characterize their performance. The reflectance targets you use to test your imaging sensor system matter. Grey painted cards, fabrics, and paper leave you at a disadvantage. 

There’s a better solution, Permaflect greyscale targets. Permaflect diffuse reflectance coatings maintain their appearance under a wide variety of lighting environments and have uniform spectral response. They are thermally and physically durable, thermally color stable, and UV light stable. Permaflect has no gloss, no polarization and no fluorescence.

Whether you are designing your first sensor system prototype, validating the performance of hundreds of lidar units, or calibrating air born spectral imaging systems, there’s a Permaflect solution for you.

  • From Prototype to Proven Performance
    • Leverage the advantages of Permaflect diffuse reflectance coatings with our practical and scalable Rigid Targets 
  • Proven Performance in Range
    • Lidar Targets are a complete reference reflectance solution for accurately testing range sensitivity at lidar wavelengths and accelerating your lidar system production.
  • In the field, as you fly. Absolute spectral reflectance where it matters most.
    • Commercial Targets are a comprehensive, portable, UV-VIS-NIR reference reflectance tool that improves the success of ground truth and baseline calibrations for aerial imaging systems.

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LiDAR Test Target Kits

LiDAR Test Target Kits

Labsphere’s standard LiDAR Test Target Kits include three reflectance levels; 10%, 50% and 80%, a robust case that holds all three Permaflect® targets for storage and transport, and spectral reflectance and uniformity test reports. The kits come in a choice of three target sizes; 0.5 m x 0.5 m, 1.0 m x 1.0 m and 1.5 m x 1.5 m. More...

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