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General Purpose Integrating Spheres

Labsphere’s integrating sphere design features sturdy port frames, easy access mounting options, and quick-change accessory options meeting a multiple of requirements. Labsphere’s dedicated Calibration Lab provides calibration options to ensure your system is customized to meet specific application requirements. As you change components, simply click on the system software to recalibrate.

Spheres are offered with Spectraflect®, Spectralon® or Infragold® coating which combines a highly reflective surface with nearly perfect Lambertian reflectance. Both durable and highly stable over time, these coatings ensure optimal integration of light over the lifetime of your sphere.


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This line is designed to provide greater configuration flexibility than ever before. Choose your sphere by selecting size, ports, and reflectance material. Then design for your application by picking light sources, assemblies, port reducers, and more. Labsphere’s wide range of interchangeable accessories offer you an endless number of application options. This flexibility allows you to create your own uniform source or light measurement system, or modify an existing system in a matter of minutes. A variety of system calibration options enable systems to be customized for application specific tasks.

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