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SMARTSens Optical Modeling Services

For our SMARTSens products Labsphere offers modeling of an enclosed volume such as UV-C Disinfection Cabinet or enclosure. We offer modeled simulations of illumination in the enclosed environment under varying lighting conditions and geometric scenarios. As a result, we can assist in determining the best locations for integrating our SMARTSens UV-C irradiance and dose-meter sensors to validate disinfection cabinet performance, hotspots, cold spots, and optical radiation distribution and uniformity.

The modeling package includes:

  • A Zemax model and optical radiation distribution in the
    chamber for up to three different lighting scenarios.
  • Correlation between irradiance at up to 5 specific
    locations within the chamber to sensors mounted
    on the wall of the chamber.
  • A complete report that includes all analysis, summaries, and recommendations.



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SMARTSens Optical Modeling Services

Model number Description Order Number
MOD-SERV-ENC-E Enclosure modeling and report
for an empty chamber.
Up to 30 hours.
MOD-SERV-ENC-A Enclosure modeling and report
for additional scenarios.
Up to 10 hours.
MOD-SERV Additional modeling at hourly rate AA-01609-000