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Spectralon® EPV Diffuse Reflectance Material

In recent years, more and more applications have arisen on the terrestrial scene where not only is there need for a great diffuse reflector, but the material also needs a level of purity driven by energy levels or special environments. Labsphere has developed a new production and handling process that provides a purified output product for ground-based applications. We call this innovation.

Spectralon EPV: Spectralon for Extreme Physics and Vacuum

Applications for Spectralon EPV

• High energy levels where low contamination will lead to longer product lifetimes

  • Laser pump chambers – Fission and fusion reactors (Examples: JET, NIF, PPPL)
  • “Ghosting” material for diffusion of high energy stray light

• Particle accelerators & physics experiments (Examples: CERN, PPPL)

• Medical applications requiring low contamination

• Dark matter detection chambers: low particulate contamination and low radiological background levels

• Vacuum chambers for optical spectroscopy or sensor testing

• High UV (<300nm) stability

  • UV LED measurement
  • UV water sanitization
  • Deep UV spectroscopy
  • Curing and drying of UV polymers materials
  • 3D printing curing

• Service life prediction – rapid weathering of materials using UV, temperature and humidity

  • Spectralon has the triple benefit of being extremely impervious to each of these items
Part Number Model Description
AA-01451-000 SRS-99-010-EPV Standards, Diffuse Reflectance, Ind., 1″ – 99% – NVLAP ACCREDITED.
AA-01451-100 USRS-99-010-EPV Uncalibrated Diffuse Reflectance Standard, 1″ – 99%
AA-01451-200 SRS-99-020-EPV Standards, Diffuse Reflectance, Ind., 2″ – 99% – NVLAP ACCREDITED
AA-01451-300 USRS-99-020-EPV Uncalibrated Diffuse Reflectance Standard, 2″ – 99%
AA-01451-400 SRT-99-020-EPV Targets, Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance UV-VIS-NIR, 2″ – 99%

Single Center-Point Calibration 250 – 2500 nm

AA-01451-500 USRT-99-020-EPV Targets, Reflectance, UnCal, 2″ – 99%
AA-01451-600 SRT-99-050-EPV Targets, Spectralon Diffuse Reflectance UV-VIS-NIR, 5″ – 99%

Single Center-Point Calibration 250 – 2500 nm

AA-01451-700 USRT-99-050-EPV Targets, Reflectance, UnCal, 5″ – 99%

All models include nickel-plate aluminum holder and cover.

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