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Thermopile Meter

Labsphere’s thermopile meter is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to accurately measure optical power with a spectrally flat response from 0.19 µm to 20 µm. It utilizes a thermopile sensor, which is composed of multiple thermocouples meticulously integrated to provide exceptional sensitivity and precise measurements from 10 mW up to 35 W. This broad spectral range and power range is ideal for laser research and development, real-time monitoring for critical applications of lasers and laser-based instruments, and laser beam positioning and power optimization.

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How does a thermopile power meter work?

A thermopile power meter works by utilizing the Seebeck effect, which states that when two different metals are joined, a voltage is generated across the junction when there is a temperature difference. The thermopile consists of multiple junctions in series, with each junction generating a small voltage. These voltages are then summed up to give a total output voltage, which is proportional to the incident power on the thermopile.

What is a thermopile power meter used for?

A thermopile power meter is primarily used for measuring the power of laser beams or other sources of electromagnetic radiation. This makes it a valuable tool in various industries, such as telecommunications, manufacturing, and research laboratories. Its ability to provide accurate and reliable power measurements makes it indispensable for tasks like laser alignment, quality control, and safety compliance. The compact size and robustness of thermopile power meters also make them suitable for portable applications or field use.