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UT-CDS-600-EX Spectrometer

Real Time Spectral Reproduction Accessory

The UT-CDS-600-EX is an external accessory to the Spectra-UT, UT-1000 Ultra-tunable Sources.

The UT-CDS-600-EX uses the CDS-600 to measure light from a source or reflected light off a surface. The measured spectrum is fed into the UT-1000 where the UT-1000 reproduces the measured spectrum in a highly uniform spectral radiance.

It is as easy as making a spectral radiance measurement of a sample, hit send and the UT-1000 reproduces the spectrum through its uniform radiance port.

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Ordering Information

  • Model Number UT-CDS-600-EX
  • Order Number AA-01581-200
  • Includes CDS 600 Spectrometer with 3 m fiber optics cable and 2 m USB 2 cable, Radiance Head, Radiance Head Calibration Adapter, UT-CDS-600-EX-LS Software