Analysis Ready Data Products

September 19, 2023

New Space Intelligence and Labsphere sign MoU to create Analysis Ready Data Products

New Space Intelligence based in Yamaguchi, Japan and Labsphere Inc, based in New Hampshire have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of a cutting-edge system for harmonizing satellite imagery to extract Analysis Ready Data (ARD).

Analysis Ready Data Products

“Data is the new oil” is a quote often sighted to emphasize the value of data in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. In this era, earth observation data and images from space are very important in the whole data domain. However, as oil needs refining and processing before being useful for its applications, satellite data also needs to undergo refinement and standardization. To address this need, the concept of Analysis Ready Data (ARD) has emerged. ARD ensures that satellite data is calibrated, structured and free from its origin so that users can utilize those images quickly and easily. The ARD concept is garnering strong attention from various organizations such as NASA, ESA and many other scientific groups. The primary objective of these groups is to fully unlock the potential and real-world use of the data generated by commercial space imagery providers.

Yumiko Nagai, CEO of New Space Intelligence (NSI) says, “NSI specializes in the field of geospatial technology, specifically the analysis of remote sensing imagery and the optimal utilization of related geospatial data. NSI is actively working on the social implementation of ‘satellite data pipelines’, striving to support the practical application of satellite data in various industries and sectors. This ‘Satellite Data Pipeline’ enables to SELECT appropriate multi-satellite images depending on the user’s purpose, cost and frequency and integrates these images by its own INTEGRATION techniques. Then analysis of these harmonized images by APPROPRIATE methods and PROVIDES these results smoothly and efficiently to the customer. The “integration” part of this satellite data pipeline uses Labsphere’s equipment. NSI aim is to develop more efficient data integration. This integration technology makes it possible to create ARD data. We look forward to their cooperation in this development.”

Chris Durell, Sales Director at Labsphere says, “Labsphere is bringing an innovative, automated calibration technology to the market, called FLARE – which stands for Field Line-of-sight Automated Radiance Exposure. This global network of remote stations essentially provides “calibrated stars” on the ground that satellites can view on demand to enhance quality of focus and signal evaluation. FLARE is an amazingly powerful data validation and imagery refinement tool that provides on-demand access and lowers costs to providers to get their imagery up to NASA & ESA quality levels. Additionally, without harmonization between multiple satellite sensors and constellations, there is no absolute truth from which to gauge the accuracy of the data to make better decisions. This calibration method enables alignment of sensor output for consistent data and imagery across satellite platforms and constellations. Data quality will be a strong market differentiator to winning future business in the commercial space imagery market.” The new network will be available for commercial providers to access and New Space Intelligence has already demonstrated improve commercial image data via FLARE. Labsphere intends to work with NSI to establish this reference method in Japan.

About New Space Intelligence

New Space Intelligence Inc. is a startup founded by members of AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) in Thailand and Yamaguchi University in Japan. With focus on bringing a geo-enabled society to reality, NSI boasts expertise and advanced technology in remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and image processing. NSI is currently developing “satellite data pipelines” with the capability to integrate a diverse range of satellite data to form a comprehensive platform. This platform will serve as a solution-oriented tool, providing customers with the most suitable analytical methods to address their specific needs. In line with this vision, NSI is developing change detection services and other solutions that effectively address customer challenges and requirements.

About Labsphere

Labsphere leads the photonics industry in its ability to generate, detect, and manipulate light to help people and businesses work better. Founded in 1979, we are trusted leaders on the front lines of inventing solutions that advance the future. As part of the Halma Group of companies, we strive for perfection with products that are certified to the highest standards, so our customers don’t need to prove to auditors that their equipment meets regulatory requirements. Our name is proof enough. Whether its remote sensing and consumer products or lasers and lighting or medical devices and automotive technologies, our diverse, experienced team continually answers the call to apply our creativity and experience towards engineering answers for tomorrow’s next big challenge, confident in the understanding that the future is limited only by our imagination.