Application-Based Infragold® Spheres

September 13, 2022

The Technical Situation

A client needed to measure infrared light (IR) through a monochromatic filter and had their own detector and components already. Their spectrometer was standard but their monochromator had unique dimensions. They asked Labsphere for just two spheres of different sizes and their stands.

IR light waves do not reflect off Labsphere’s standard Optical Grade Spectralon® with near-Lambertian uniformity, as visible light does. Our Infragold material is designed specifically for diffusely reflecting IR waves, and exhibits >94% reflectance above 1000 nm. This data is traceable to the National Institute

of Standards and Technology (NIST). Infragold’s effective range is between .7 and 20 μm, which covers much of the NIR and MIR bands.

The Challenges, and Labsphere’s Action

Labsphere communicated with the client to determine the shape and dimensions of the monochromator they would be using. After both parties agreed on the sphere designs, a unique coupling tube was designed and included with each sphere. The tubes extended from the sphere and used mounting plates that can be used to secure their monochromator to the system. As with all Labsphere standard light measurement spheres, exit ports, detector ports, and stands for the sphere

The Results

  • The client was able to attain a reliable sphere system that matched their in-house components
  • Strong communication with Labsphere ensured that the client got exactly what they needed before it was shipped out
  • The high IR reflectivity of Labsphere’s Infragold ensures high uniformity and that test results are always accurate