Permaflect® Targets Paving the Way for Autonomous Cars

December 26, 2020

Global sales of anti-crash sensors will total $9.90 billion in 2020 — up from $3.94 billion this year, predicts IHS Automotive, a research firm based in suburban Detroit*. Radar and cameras will account for the lion’s share of that revenue, followed by ultrasound and LIDAR.

LIDAR, the sensor of choice used on driverless cars, uses pulsed laser and LED light to measure distances. Characterization of the LIDAR systems requires compensating the sensor response to the pulsed source light levels over a broad dynamic range of reflectance levels.

Labsphere’s Permaflect diffuse reflectance coated targets, ranging from 5% to 94% reflectance, enable automaker sensor suppliers to characterize and calibrate their LIDAR sensors over a broad range of ambient conditions.

*David Sedgwick, Automotive News, October 13, 2014