Uncertainty Analysis Services

June 26, 2019

Have confidence in every Lamp and Luminaire you measure in a Labsphere illumia®Plus light measurement system. Uncertainty is inherent in every measurement. To better understand the value of a measurement, analyzing the uncertainty is required and instills confidence in the measured values.

Labsphere is a recognized leader in the field of light metrology. Let us analyze the uncertainty of your lamps and luminaires in a Labsphere total spectral flux light measurement system. 

For each Lamp or Luminaire, a Labsphere Uncertainty Analysis Report Provides

Type A and Type B Uncertainty Contributions including:

  • Reference lamp standard spectral flux uncertainty1
  • Current to the reference lamp(s)
  • Aging of the reference lamps
  • Wavelength accuracy of the spectrometer
  • Noise contributions
  • Stray light Near field absorption
  • Sphere uniformity response
  • Non-linearity
  • Temperature
  • Combined uncertainties
  • Degrees of freedom for each contribution factor
  • Expanded uncertainty
  • Spectral flux uncertainty every 5nm

1Included with Labsphere’s ISO/IEC 17025 NVLAP Lab Code 200951-0 Accredited Lamp Standards