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HELIOSense® Software

Labsphere, the world leader in lighting measurement, is proud to announce the release of HELIOSense® Version 2.1!

Contact us to learn more and to download your updated version.

HELIOSense Software is the primary interface for HELIOSPlus components and systems. It is a flexible architecture where any hardware built into the Labsphere API (LSAPI) can be recognized and used in HELIOSPlus systems.

Software Features
• “State” functions that can be set up for system
configurations, saved and re-accessed or
password protected
• Scripting functions for simple programs inside
and outside HELIOSense GUI
• TCP enabled scripting and
communication functions
• Hunt & Seek functions using attenuators,
detectors and spectrometers
• Continuous real-time asynchronous
data logging with time stamps on all
data parameters
• “Infinite” scrolling Display & Data session
– Access to control settings and
measured parameters
• SQLite database with export functions
• Calibration data interface for loading
characterization files
• User-definable non-linear detector response
tables for external Devices Under Test (DUTs)

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