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Integral® Software

Labsphere, the world leader in lighting measurement, is proud to announce the release of Integral® Version 6.0!

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Integral 6.0 adds significant new features. These changes improve the quality, user experience and functionality of the software to meet and exceed the new LM-79-19 testing and reporting requirements with greater flexibility. We have added new hardware and user-friendly features, all designed to enhance light measurement production in one unified software package. Stay up to date with the latest industry lighting test requirements.

Integral Software redefines the way light is measured and revolutionizes how lighting measurements and control are synthesized into useful information. The innovative HTML5-based application software is for general lighting measurement control, test and reporting. The Application Program Interface options were developed to work with your existing business software and product line integration.

  • illumia®Plus2 System Control and Reporting
  • IES TM-30-15, Fidelity and Gamut Data as well as Distortion and Vector Graphics
  • CRI and CQS
  • ANSI C78.377-2015, SSL-2015 Coordinates, Fixed and Flex Binning
  • Total Spectral Flux, Power and Efficacy
  • Lamp and Luminaire Warm-up Stability Control and Reporting
  • Configured for more than 30 leading light test hardware including Labsphere, Chroma, Yokogawa, Arroyo and more
  • Mobile technology that eliminates the need to be in the same place as the test and measurement hardware
  • Multiple users can access multiple test stations from anywhere
  • TM-30-15 reporting with Gamut and Fidelity Data, Vector and Distortion Charts
  • Horticultural lighting performance reporting computing PPF, PRF, and Photon Efficiency
  • LM-79 and SO25 Recommended Methods for SSL Stability
  • Temporal plotting

NEW Enhancements and Features with INTEGRAL 6.0

New Hardware

  • Labsphere’s new ICM 500 Integral Control Module
  • NIRQuest 512 Spectrometer from Ocean Insight
  • DC Power Supplies
    • Labsphere’s LPS series programmable DCV power supplies
    • TDK Lambda GEN30-25
    • TDK Lambda GEN150-5
  • Xitron XT2640 Power Meter
  • Control updates to Omega TC-08 Temperature Control Module

User Interface Enhancements

  • Graphs and Reporting
    • Waveform Graphs,
    • Colorimetry Graphs, and
    • “Test Results” section updated
  • (x10/y10) added to CIE 1964 10-degree observer
  • A dropdown to CIE 1931 Color Space Graph which lets you select a Standard Illuminant
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D Series
    • E
    • F Series
  • New Luminous Flux Multiplier
  • CAL lamp only option added to [Create Calibration]
  • Continuous Scanning Timeout (min) feature added to spectrometer hardware settings
    • 1 minute minimum
    • Up to 96 hours
    • Scan Frequency updated from 30->60 minutes max
  • Power Supply Setting: Toggle Remote Sensing

New Metrics

  • Flicker-iP Metrics
    • Sample Rate (Hz) metric added to test results
    • Scan Duration (ms) metric added to test results
    • PstLM Scan Duration (ms) metric added to test results
    • Export reorganized into data groups (device/data/time series)
  • LM-82: added “Test Results” module for Tb/Td/Tint
  • Power Meters: Added a disable metrics toggle to device settings
  • LM-79/LM-82/S025 Stabilization Routines: Added Target Voltage/Current DUT metrics when applicable

Improved Performance and Compatibility

  • Integral can now run in the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser
  • jQuery has been updated to the latest version (3.4.1)

System Features (Main Menu -> Settings -> System)

  • Download Spyder Logs
  • Enable/Disable LSAPI Trace Logging
  • Download Trace Logs

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