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Calibrated Forward Spectral Flux Standards

Lamp standards of total forward spectral flux provide an exceptional artifact for calibrating integrating sphere spectrometers for total spectral radiant flux responsivity from 350 to 1050 nm.

Labsphere’s Calibrated Forward Spectral Flux Standards are certified under:

ISO/IEC 17025:2005
NVLAP Accredited Lab Code

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Labsphere’s Lamp Standards of Forward Spectral Flux are selected for their stability and reproducibility. Each standard has been carefully screened, seasoned and calibrated at our manufacturing facility under the guidelines recommended by the IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society).

All of Labsphere’s lamp standards are first seasoned for 1% of their rated life and then screened for stability and repeatable performance before they are selected for calibration. The selected lamps are then calibrated directly to the NIST lumen, for a calibration result you can rely on.

All lamp standards include a calibration certificate and spectral flux data in W/nm and total luminous flux. The spectral flux data is provided on a CD-ROM for uploading into Labsphere’s Spectral Light Measurement Software included with our light measurement systems.


NIST-traceable Total Forward Spectral Flux Calibration210-FFS_002HR
NVLAP Lab Code 200951-0
Screened and Seasoned Lamp
Meets Requirements for LM-79 2pi Measurement


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