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illumia®Pro2-UV: UV LED Characterization System

The illumiaPro2-UV LED characterization system includes a 15 cm light measurement sphere, thermoelectric controlled stage, source meter, calibration lamp and power supply, and Labsphere’s CDS-2600-UV Spectrometer with a spectral range of 200 – 400 nm and wavelength accuracy of <+/- 0.4 nm

With Labsphere’s illumia®Pro2-UV users can quickly and accurately test UV LED performance as a function of thermal condition.


• Total Radiant Flux
• Total Photon Flux
• Electrical Power
• Wavelength Characterization
• Peak Wavelength
• L, I, V, T Sweeps
• Continuous and Pulse Mode
Control and Test


• Germicidal UV (GUV)
• UVC Disinfection and Purification
• UV Curing
• Medical Phototherapy
• Analytical Instruments
• Horticulture Lighting


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illumia®Pro2 UV System

  • Sphere Size 15 cm
  • Spectral Range (calibrated) 200-400 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy <+/- 0.4 nm
  • Integration Time 8ms to 900s