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RSA-FO-150 Fiber Optic Single Beam Reflectance Spectroscopy Accessory

The compact RSA-FO-150 is an easy to use reflectance spectroscopy accessory designed for use with a multitude of commercially available fiber based spectrometers. When coupled to a light source and spectrometer, this sphere measures hemispherical reflectance for both specular and diffuse samples. 

The integrating sphere has two SMA 905 fiber ports. The light input port is located on the top of the sphere. It is positioned at 8° from normal for direct illumination of the sample. The second fiber port is located 90° from the sample port. It is positioned to collect the integrated radiance from the sphere wall using a fiber optic spectrometer. The specular subtraction port is standard with the RSA-FO-150. This port is closed for 8°/hemispherical reflectance measurements or with the simple turn of a thumb screw the port reveals a light-trap for specular excluded measurements. The sample port is knife edged to permit collection of wide angle scatter.

Key Features:

  • Spectralon® interior; premier diffuse
    reflectance material
  • 8°/h Measurement geometry
  • Compatible with standard spectrometers
  • Rugged portable design


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