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HELIOS® Plus-VM Variable Manual Systems

Simple, complete turn-key radiance sources with excellent dynamic range.


·      Broadband 3000K black body like spectrums
·      Great well-rounded radiance source for simple sensor testing
·      Spare ports and future upgrade capability
·      Manual Micrometer Variable Attenuator, VA-MM, on all systems
·      Angular uniform FOV 35° +/-2.0%

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The HELIOSPlus-VM, V Family systems are simple and complete turn-key systems with excellent dynamic range. A single lamp, manual attenuator and detector give you the ability to completely characterize your sensor/imager over its full dynamic range from moonlight levels to albedo 1.5.


Sphere Dia Port Dia Max Luminance, cd/m2 Illuminance at Port, lux CCT Range Variable Attenuator # Steps
USLR-V08F-NMNN-P 8 2 29,000 91,000 3000K +/-50K Manual, VA-MM 1.00E+04
USLR-V08F-NDNN-P 8 2 29,000 91,000 3000K +/-50K Dynamic, VAD 1.20E+04
USLR-V12F-NMNN-P 12 4 11,500 36,000 3000K +/-50K Manual, VA-MM 1.00E+04
USLR-V12F-NDNN-P 12 4 11,500 36,000 3000K +/-50K Dynamic, VAD 1.20E+04
USLR-V20F-NMNN-P 20 8 3,800 12,000 3000K +/-50K Manual, VA-MM 1.00E+04


NOTE: Depending on the application and the desired uncertainty levels, custom calibrations may be required to characterize the system under different operating conditions. Our application engineers would be happy to discuss this with you and help define the best system and calibrations to meet your requirements.



If you are looking for a robust radiance source to take your sensor testing to the next level and improve the quality of your sensors, there’s a HELIOSPlus V Family system for you.

USLR-V12F-NMNN-P, 12” I.S.

  • Output Port Size 4 in., 0.1 m
  • Expected Luminance 11,500 cd/m2
  • Number of Steps in System Range 1.00E+04 (#lamps*VA Steps)
  • Dynamic Range/Bits/dB 5.00E+04/16/93
  • Coating/Material Spectraflect

USLR-V12F-NDNN-P, 12” I.S.

  • Output Port Size 4 in., 0.1 m
  • Expected Luminance 11,500 cd/m2
  • Number of Steps in System Range 1.20E+04 (#lamps*VA Steps)
  • Dynamic Range/Bits/dB 1.20E+04/14/81
  • Coating/Material Spectraflect